Home Inspection Report

A home inspection is not complete without a written report

  • We offer two reports; at the end of the inspection we provide a verbal summary report which allows the inspector to discuss our findings and answer any questions our client may have.
  • Within 24 hours we will have completed and provided a comprehensive report of our findings and recommendations, which includes representative photos, where necessary.

The Inspection Report

  • Our inspector will document our findings in clear concise terms and provide an interim summary at the end of the inspection which allows the inspector to answer any questions our client may have.
  • In addition, within 24 hours, the inspector will prepare and deliver a more detailed report. This report will include general descriptions and objective information regarding the age and observed condition of those systems and the other major components of the home.
  • Recommendations for corrective action, where necessary, will be included.
  • Your Report Summary will include all systems and components designated as needing repair, replacement, further evaluation by a qualified expert, or monitoring for possible future repair. It is broken down into 5 categories: (click here for greater detail)
      • Safety Concerns
      • Major/Significant Defect
      • Service/Repair
      • Monitor /Maintain
      • Inspection Limitations
  • Representative color photos will be included, where necessary, for clarity. The Report can also be downloaded and saved, to be shared with others.
Click here to view a sample report.
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